New Crossing Supervisor

A Lollipop person for SFS.

Earlier this year Grade 5 student Joanna led a petition to the City of Casey requesting a Crossing Supervisor for the zebra crossing outside our school. Last week the Council raised this issue at their annual meeting and it was decided that the school and local community would benefit from having a Crossing Supervisor on Paterson Drive.
Councillors voted unanimously in October to remove the zebra crossing at Paterson Drive and install a supervised school crossing. In a pedestrian survey at the zebra crossing undertaken by council, data showed 452 pedestrians and 13 cyclists crossed the road during the 6am—8am time span on the 23rd August. Cr Rosario said the leadership shown by the students from St Francis de Sales Primary was inspiring. “Congratulations to the future leaders of tomorrow for their initiatives and they should be very proud of what they’ve done” he said.
The new crossing will be installed over the holidays and will be manned at the commencement of the school year in 2019 before and after school. We would like to congratulate Joanna on her amazing achievement and for bringing a very important community need to the attention of our local council. Well done, Joanna!

Please watch the video below. The 200th school crossing in the City of Casey is at SFS!!