Action Teams

St. Francis de Sales Action Teams nurture and value leadership qualities

The learning and actions taken aim to acknowledge the needs and potential of every student, whilst encouraging all students to grow and lead as Jesus in a faith community.  In the work and learning through the action teams the students live out the values of respect, responsibility, care and compassion, belonging, love, integrity, wisdom, enthusiasm, respect, happiness, excellence, perseverance and commitment that reflect our school tradition.

These values are embodied in the goals of St. Francis de Sales education which are:

  • Commitment to a personal and active faith in God.
  • A responsibility to take action in building of community.

Student Leadership is the responsibility of the whole community in contributing in a positive way to their own and other people’s lives in the school, local and wider community.  Leadership is shared by all students, parents and staff.  The Student Leadership program encompasses formal and informal learning opportunities which develop the competency of individuals to engage effectively in community.

Our Teaching and Learning practices will enable students to reach their full potential through a personalised and contemporary approach that will equip them with the skills and knowledge to be effective participators/contributors in society.

Through a differentiated personalised contemporary curriculum we aim to engage all students in their world with action that matters.  The Student Leadership program nurtures in the students the love/passion for learning and continue to value their learning to have a positive impact on our world.

These skills are developed over time as students are given opportunities to demonstrate responsibility, independence and develop self-efficacy.  All students have the potential to develop leadership skills given a range of formal and informal opportunities throughout a student’s schooling years.

The St. Francis Leadership Program commences more formally from year 3 to 6 where the focus is the development of leadership skills which promote positive self-perception and esteem.

St. Francis de Sales Student Leadership Policy aims to:

  • Foster personal growth.
  • Build student independence and self-efficacy.
  • Provide an active role and participation in building community.
  • Encourage the development of student participation and leadership skills through being active in living our school values through cooperative learning, problem solving and general capabilities across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Encourage a shared responsibility in developing a culture of active citizenship.
  • Respect our world we live in and be proactive citizens in taking action to preserve the world God has created for us to live a giving and compassionate life.