East Timor Day

Social Justice Action Team
Last year SFS formed a partnership with ‘Bebei Leten,’ a school in the region of Ermera in East Timor. Since then we have made it our mission to raise awareness about the life and conditions of the East Timorese people. Today we celebrated our very first East Timor day.

The Social Justice Action Team students ran a series of rotations and sport rotations to celebrates the freedom of East Timor after a dark and long fight for their independence.

A huge thank-you to all members of the Social Justice Action Team for their amazing commitment and enthusiasm to the day. We are all so proud of our students and the way they have worked tirelessly to plan and administer the fantastic range of activities for the day, what a great way of being agents of their own learning!

On behalf of the Social Justice Action Team, we would like to thank the P&F for their organisation of a Subway lunch. We are grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to our school. Hopefully there will be many more East Timor days to come in the future!

Rosie and Liz (Social Justice Action Team Leaders).