Exciting additions to our Playground

 To be installed NEXT WEEK!!

We are delighted to announce that thanks to the great fundraising of our P&F Committee, we are soon going to have a number of very colourful new activites on our playground to brighten our grounds and engage our children. We were able to select a package that allowed us to select a number of different options. So we decided to ask our children what they would like. All our children who were at school early this week were part of the decision.

We collated the results and I am please to announce that we will soon have the following activities added:

  • Four Square
  • Snakes and ladders 1-100
  • Mirror Me
  • Chess board with coordinates
  • A Fitness Activity Trail
  • Three new hopscotch
  • Number target

We thank all parents who have supported the events of our P&F that helps us add great resources that all our students can benefit from. 

In addition the school will upgrade all the line markings on our existing courts. We will also be adding two extra large four square courts for our seniors who like to play a version of the game on larger squares.