Extra Curricular

At St. Francis de Sales we offer many diverse extracurricular activities to stimulate and engage our students interests.

Some are as follows:

  • Rosary Club
  • Senior Choir
  • Music World
  • Art Club
  • Specialist Day
  • Gardening Club
  • Sporting Events
  • Games Club
  • School Camp for Year 5 and 6


Rosary Club

Once a week students elect to pray together the Rosary using this time as a real communion with The Blessed Mother to reflect and pray on their own needs, the local community and the wider world.

Senior Choir

Students can elect to participate in the Senior Choir (Grade 3 – 6) perform in school masses, assemblies, community venues and special events. Students in the choir rehearse weekly. They practice and improvise to improve their skills in performance etiquette, singing in harmony and working in a co-operative team. Students have a lot of fun singing in choir, getting to know their peers in a friendly environment.

Music World

St. Francis de Sales Primary School offers the opportunity to learn an instrument outside of class time. An external company called ‘Music World’ provides students with one-on-one teaching of their preferred instruments.


Art Club

Art Club is offered once a week during lunchtime so students can engage in creating individual, partner or group visual art pieces with the aim of developing and enriching visual art skills.

Specialist Day

At St. Francis de Sales each year we celebrate the learning of Specialist areas by participating in an activity day. The students participate in a variety of activities which allows them to bring together their learning.

Garden Club

We offer ‘Garden Club’ once a week for those students interested in horticulture. It is a way for students to engage with others with like interests.

Sporting Events

We offer a range of opportunities which allow children to be involved in physical education activities. These include District Athletics, cross country, Athletics, AFL Gala day, winter and summer interschool sport, Sporting Schools Program, Lightning Premiership. Twilight Sports and Swimming.

Games Club

Children are invited to a lunch time club once a week to enjoy various board games and activities such as Lego.

Opportunities such as camp further contributes to the overall development of each child. The camp programs we offer further supports the Social Emotional Learning experiences provided in the classroom by reinforcing the concepts of relationship building, teamwork and resilience. The challenging and stimulating experiences provided on camp, take the children beyond the classroom with the aim to foster independence and self-confidence.