Enrolment Information

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St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School welcomes enquiries regarding enrolment.

Please call the school on 87736700 to book a tour.

A personal or small group tour with the Principal or Deputy Principal can be organised during this time of social distancing.

Alternatively book for a Google meet appointment.

Please complete and submit your application for your child or children for 2021.


Key Dates

Enrolment Applications for Foundation (Prep) 2021 need to be submitted NOW for 2020.

Interviews for Siblings will commence in June, 2021 and offers will be confirmed by Monday 15 June 2021. (Offers for places have been made.)

Interviews for new families will commence in July 2021 and offers will be confirmed by Friday 31 July, 2021. (First round offers have been made)

Limited places for 2021 are still available for families new to the area and for special consideration as a result of the unusual circumstances of 2020.

As a rapidly growing school community enrolment cannot be guaranteed but will be considered based on the criteria provide in the following information.



Children must be 5 years of age by April 30th in the year they commence their Primary Education.

Enrolment Area

Our specific enrolment area encompasses the areas of Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Sandhurst and Marriott Waters. Any enrolments from outside these areas will be dealt with on an individual basis with due consideration given to family circumstances.

Enrolment Procedure

School Tours are available by appointment. It is expected that families new to the school will arrange a tour prior to receiving and submitting documents. Enrolments are taken throughout the school year and places offered based on meeting the criteria and the availability of places. Enrolment Forms are available on this website and from the School Office.

When applications are submitted parents will need to provide a copy of the child’s Birth, Baptism (if applicable) and Immunisation documents. These will be retained at the school.

An interview will be arranged with the Principal to answer any queries and explain the philosophy, operation and expectations of the school.

A letter of offer of a placement for your child will follow the interview. You will be required to send a reply slip indicating your acceptance of the offer of placement.


Parents of Foundation children for the following year will also be advised of the dates for:

  • Foundation Parent Information Evening (October) providing:
  1. An overview of the starting arrangements and curriculum.
  2. Information regarding the ordering and purchasing of school uniform.
  • Step into SFS party‘ to welcome new students who will be commencing school the following year.
  • Transition sessions (November – December)

Enrolment Criteria

The enrolment criteria for St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School are as follows:

1st Priority

  • Priority access is given to the “Baptised” Catholic children who live within the St. Kevin’s, Hampton Park, Parish boundaries and West of the South Gippsland Highway.
  • Priority access is given to siblings of children who are currently attending St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School.

2nd Priority

  • Second priority is given to “Baptised” Catholic children who live outside the St. Kevin’s Parish boundaries. As parish schools exist to educate the children within the context of a local faith community, parents seeking enrolment from outside the school’s designated catchment area, due to geographic characteristics, transport problems or care arrangements will be considered on an individual basis.

3rd Priority

  • Third priority is given to other Christian and Non Christian children (if places are available) after consideration of the following:-
  1. provided this does not exclude Catholic children from the school.
  2. parents give an undertaking to respect the Catholic ethos, life and identity of the school.
  3. enrolment provides the right for the student to complete their primary education at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School but does not imply automatic acceptance at another Catholic Primary School or Catholic Secondary School.
  4. each enrolment is considered on an individual basis.

Aspects to Note

  • The learning capacity of a Catholic child is generally not a criterion for entry, however, the enrolment of children with impairment, disability, or handicap, would depend on the ability of the school to cater for the specific needs of the child
  • Children will generally not be denied enrolment because their parents are unable to pay school fees. This is at the discretion of the Parish Priest and Principal
  • While the degree of faith commitment of a child’s parents is a relevant consideration, it is not normally a criterion for enrolling children.
  • All places offered at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School are made by the Parish Priest and Principal.
  • Acceptance into St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School does not imply automatic acceptance at another Catholic Primary School or Catholic Secondary School.