Education in Faith

St. Francis de Sales Primary School is a Faith Community striving to live its life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We celebrate our Faith in the tradition of the Catholic Church, seeking to be a vibrant witness of our faith in the local and global  community .

The central focus of the Religious Education program at Francis de Sales Primary School is to develop the sense of belonging within the faith community; a belonging which is expressed through participation in the life of the community as we act for justice and seek the common good for all. Education in Faith, therefore, is not restricted to the school environment but spreads far beyond; to the playground, the school community and the Parish. Faith journey is a way of life. In accordance with Horizons of Hope, our school respects the diverse cultures, worldviews and backgrounds of students and families. Students are empowered to seek truth, ask questions and make meaningful connections in their life.

Horizons of Hope – Vision

Horizons of Hope – Religious Dimension

As part of student’s faith journey, St. Francis de Sales supports children by preparing them to receive the Sacraments.

Our ‘Culture of Prayer starts with Morning Gathering as an opportunity for the whole community to come together for prayer, reflection and meditation.