Student Wellbeing

Here at St. Francis de Sales we believe that wellbeing is integral to our students reaching their full potential. We want our students to develop a positive sense of wellbeing (being well in mind, body and spirit) to enable them to flourish.



Within a positive, inclusive and resilient community, we work in partnership as a team with staff, parents, students and the community to ensure every child, young person, staff member and parent/carer can achieve their best possible mental health and wellbeing.

We acknowledge that students need to be prepared for a world that is “complex, rapidly changing, rich in information and communication technology, demanding high-order knowledge and understanding and increasingly global in its outlook and influences”. For students to succeed, they need to develop the skills of interacting with others and being self -aware. Students need to understand the world and act effectively, ethically and responsibly.


Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork and feel positive about themselves and the world around them.

These competencies and skills are embedded within units of work and are further supported through a variety of programs, partnerships and strategies, such as:


Circle time

Play is the Way Games

Resilience Project

School Chaplaincy program

Social Skills Groups

Christian Meditation

Community Garden

Student Action Teams