School Community Engagement

St Francis de Sales recognises Parents as the greatest educators of their children and recognise the privileged partnership we have with families.

It is within this partnership that we live, learn and grow as a community. We acknowledge that children are a precious gift and families honour us, as they entrust their children into our care to guide and support their learning and development.  At St Francis de Sales we do not just enrol a child, we walk in partnership with parents as members of our family, our community.

We value the importance and impact of family engagement in learning and building strong school and community partnerships.  A current ‘Working with Children’ check is required to be a school volunteer, it is available free of charge and you can now apply for one online. Evidence shows that when schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to progress further, and enjoy school more. Children respond positively to seeing their families involved and we encourage our families to be actively involved in all aspects of school life.

Strong partnerships nurture clear and constructive communication. We support two-way, positive communication and provide regular updates about learning through the Seasaw app where we post about student learning in action and share information with our families. Our website and  school app is where we also share our weekly newsletters, post notifications and share photos. Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms where we share highlights with our community.  We welcome respectful feedback and suggestions for improvement at all times. This can be done informally during a coffee and chat by participation in school groups or responding to annual surveys or invitations to parent information sharing sessions.

Effective communication with our families, helps maintain a welcoming, positive, spirit-filled community that ensures positive student outcomes and continuous school improvement.

We invite parent engagement through a variety of school events and community activities.