At St Francis de Sales the curriculum and pedagogy is personalised in response to the learning needs of each student. Students are actively involved in meaningful and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

Learning and Teaching strategies are embedded and consistent through a structured framework and a strong focus on the curriculum standards and high expectations for all learners. It is informed by best practice and research. We connect learning across all areas of the curriculum and support our students to be successful, engaged and innovative learners.

We value high quality teaching that is responsive to the different ways children learn and achieve their best. 

We draw on clear evidence to identify where students are at in their learning and target what they need to learn next.

The curriculum is translated into rich, rigorous, real and relevant learning opportunities. 
We connect big ideas and concepts to engage our students to real life issues.
We encourage each student on a learning journey that will ignite within them – exploration, creativity and innovation. 
We nurture a growth mindset to achieve learning goals and enable all learners to flourish.
In dialogue with their teacher individual goals are set for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Students experience a sense of community and collaboration that values their interests, backgrounds, stories and needs. 

We empower students to have agency and make a difference in the world to become responsible and active citizens.