Prayer and Sacraments

Our ‘Culture of Prayer’ starts with Morning Gathering as an opportunity for the whole community to come together for prayer, reflection and meditation. This vibrant culture of prayer has become an integral part of our everyday action (Morning Gathering, teacher and child led prayer as part of RE sessions, Level and Whole School Paraliturgies and Staff Prayer).

The spiritual life of the students is also nurtured through their attendance at school masses and senior or junior school liturgies throughout the year. Students are also given the opportunity to represent our school at Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral  for Catholic Education Week and for the Children’s Mission Mass.

As part of student’s faith journey, St Francis de Sales supports children by preparing them to receive the sacraments. Children are supported in their faith development and preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation – Year 3, First Eucharist – Year 4 and Confirmation- Year 6 through Family Workshop Nights and our Foundation – Year 6 class program. The Family Workshop Nights enable parents and children to engage in dialogue in preparation for the Sacrament to be received.

Our Junior children are also invited to attend a Family Workshop, so we can work in partnership to nurture the faith development of our children. In 2018 an interactive Family Workshop called People, Prayer and Places focused on the meaning of the Our Father.