Igniting the Mind

Our learning philosophy has ensured we are a high performing school and our recent NAPLAN results were the BEST in our local area, placing us in the top 25% of Victorian schools, confirms we are successful.


At St Francis de Sales we have always held the child at the center of all that we do. It is our purpose and our goal to equip all learners with the skills, dispositions and attributes that will genuinely enable every learner at St Francis de Sales, to step with confidence, not only into the future, but also into the now. Our staff target learning so that it is tailored to each child’s point of need. Learning is not meaningless repetition or one size fits all. Children are engaged in productive, timely and important learning and are not wasting precious learning time doing something that is too easy or too hard.


“Children are always throwing out sparks of knowledge, curiosity, and inquiry and adults must be ready to catch those sparks. When the children are investigating and researching….this is what is like, little tiny sparks. You have to be ready to catch them as a teacher and blow on them to encourage them to grow bigger and ignite them further.” 

Annalisa Rabotti, an educator in Reggio Emilia

At St Francis de Sales, we fuel the sparks  and ignite the minds of our children across our curriculum by the experiences provided, the questions asked and the critical thinking tools utilised to depth discovery. The opportunities for children to explore their interests and be co-designers in the inquiry process leads to deep not shallow learning and understanding. We support our students to go further, apply their learning and to take action that make a difference. We ignite and fan the fire so that our students.


  • Increase their ability to deal with change & innovation
  • Learn multiple processes
  • Think and solve problems differently
  • Enhance collaboration skills & ideas
  • Feel more confident in creating.

As we head into the second half of this term, we invite you to share in your child’s learning journey at St Francis de Sales. Engage in dialogue with your children and with our teachers. There are many ways we are amplifying our communication. Take up the opportunities. When parents engage in partnership with the school even in a small way, they can make a profound difference to their child’s learning. At the end of this term there will be an opportunity to attend a Parent /Teacher interview. Take the time to visit the school and engage with us about your child. Save the date 29th March 2023. 

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