Specialist Music

At St. Francis de Sales we offer Music as a specialist area.

At St Francis de Sales Primary School, the music program offers basic theoretical lessons, providing students the opportunity to learn to read music (notes, signs and symbols) and practise their theoretical knowledge by using tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, ukuleles, keyboards and their voice.

Students also learn to improvise, create and compose music using these instruments.

Through listening to music and watching music performances, students discover and appreciate a variety of genres, as well as composers and musicians.

Students practise life-long skills while playing music as a group. They learn to incorporate the school values and the skills necessary to relate with others, whilst having fun creating music together.

Students can elect to participate in the Senior Choir (Grade 3 – 6) perform in school masses, assemblies, community venues and special events. Students in the choir rehearse weekly. They practice and improvise to improve their skills in performance etiquette, singing in harmony and working in a co-operative team. Students have a lot of fun singing in choir, getting to know their peers in a friendly environment.

All students participate in our bi-annual School Concert. We have a Junior and a Senior Production.