Specialist Visual Art

At St. Francis de Sales we offer Visual Art as a specialist area.

St Francis de Sales Visual Art curriculum provides the opportunity for children to explore, respond to and create a variety of artworks.  Students are able to develop their skills, creative talents, imagination, problem solving skills and self-expression through Visual Art lessons.  

A balanced Visual Arts curriculum covers the areas of painting, drawing, construction, modelling, printmaking, textiles and art appreciation.  Within lessons students are taught skills in the use of tools, materials, processes and techniques across these areas.  The program makes links to the RE and Inquiry Curriculum as well as integrated across all curriculum areas.  

Visual Arts also provides opportunities for the students to build self confidence, express themselves creatively as well as the value of persistence and excellence.

An ‘Arts Show’, which is held biannually, provides the opportunity for students to showcase their talents and bring the whole community together.